It took 250 years to infuse PROTEIN INTO SPARKLING WATER.


In 1767, 9 years before the United States of America was even founded, the great British scientist, Joseph Priestly, "impregnated water with fixed air" (CO2 – carbon dioxide gas). The result – he called his happiest discovery.

250 years later, British Olympic medalist, multi-patent holder and protein zealot David Jenkins, infused protein into sparkling water.

The result – the happiest discovery in protein drinks.

Joseph Priestley, FRS (1733-1804)
Theologian, philosopher, educator, co-discovered oxygen, leading electricity researcher and author, and inventor of sparkling soda water, which he called his “happiest” discovery.

Two Men, A Seltzer Bottle and An Obsession To Make Protein Drinks Taste Amazing.


What began as a random experiment over 10 years ago, has led to a game-changer in the world of drinkable protein.

As successful protein product developers for over 25 years, David Jenkins and Shawn Sherwood created the first instant whey protein powder - Designer Whey Protein; Aria – the first women’s combination protein and then Detour – the first triple layer protein bar.

The Clearest Most Refreshing Protein Drinks Ever.


7 U.S. Patents, many thousands of man hours and a bunch of R&D dollars later, today fizzique is arguably the clearest, cleanest, most refreshing protein drink ever.