It took 250 years to infuse

In 1767, 9 years before the United States of America was even founded, the great British scientist, Joseph Priestly, “impregnated water with fixed air” (CO2 – carbon dioxide gas). The result – he called his happiest discovery.

250 years later, British Olympic medalist, multi-patent holder and protein zealot David Jenkins, infused protein into sparkling water.

The result – the happiest discovery in protein drinks.

Two Men, A Seltzer Bottle and An Obsession To Make Protein Drinks Taste Amazing.

What began as a random experiment over 10 years ago, has led to a game-changer in the world of drinkable protein. As successful protein product developers for over 25 years, David Jenkins and Shawn Sherwood created the first instant whey protein powder - Designer Whey Protein; Aria – the first women’s combination protein and then Detour – the first triple layer protein bar.


No Artificial Sweeteners, Colors or Chemicals.

Getting clear protein drinks to not taste sour or sharp seemed impossible to the two experts. Unless they added all types of unhealthy artificial chemicals, colors and sweeteners. Not happening today!

Jenkins loved drinking sparkling water. Splashing this into the duo’s clear whey protein drinks made all the difference. A quick store trip for a seltzer bottle to spritz fizz into their drinks and the two protein zealots knew they were on to something – protein infused into sparkling water. The duo called the whole process – Protein Fizzology™.

Today, sparkling Protein Fizzology can be enjoyed in every can of fizzique.

The Clearest Most Refreshing Protein Drinks Ever

7 U.S. Patents, many thousands of man hours and a bunch of R&D dollars later, today fizzique is arguably the clearest, cleanest, most refreshing protein drink ever.